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Power Alley Lite Softball Machine

by Heater
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• Throws 12" Pitching Machine Lite-Softballs
• Fastballs, Grounders, & Pop-Flys
• Pitches Lite 12" Softballs Up To 50 MPH
• Adjustable Pitch Height
• Tripod with Rubber Tips

• Slow Pitch & Fast Pitch

• Fully Enclosed Wheel

• Uses standard A/C Power

The PowerAlley Lite Softball Pitching Machine pitches both slow pitch and fast pitch 12" lite-softballs. Great for fastballs, grounders, and pop-flys. The powerful A/C motor throws 12" lite-softballs at 50 miles per hour. With a fully enclosed wheel the PowerAlley is the only lite-softball pitching machine on the market and is also the safest. Plug the PowerAlley into any standard wall outlet for hours of hitting practice.

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