Coaches' Corner

Team Sport Program

Coaches at all levels need an efficient, simple, and total solution to providing their team with equipment and uniforms. The Team Sports Program from MC Sports is dedicated to supporting coaches, teams and leagues with benefits and services that make outfitting any team as easy as possible.


Merchandise Discounts – In today’s sports environment, parents and players shoulder much of the costs associated with participation. MC Sports helps reduce this burden by offering coaches discount coupons for their players. Just identify yourself as a coach at your local MC Sports and sign up for the Team Sports Program. You’ll be given a packet that further explains all the benefits associated with the Team Sports Program and enough discount coupons for everyone on your team.

Team Uniform Services – MC Sports has a wide selection of team uniforms ready to be printed or embroidered with your school or team’s logo. Individualized uniforms are no problem. Our large network of suppliers is ready to meet your needs at a moments notice.

Team Footwear – Athletes and Coaches understand that in sports, the right shoe isn’t about fashion, it’s about performance. If you’re looking for the right shoe to give your team that competitive edge, then you’ve come to the right place. MC Sports works with the top manufactures to offer the largest team footwear and team color selection possible. We have access to all the team styles designed specifically for teams. Whether you need 1 or 100 pair, MC Sports stands ready to outfit your team’s footwear needs at prices you won’t find anywhere else. Ask your local MC Sports store to see our large selection of Team Footwear.

Team Equipment – Coaches know that you can’t have a perfect season without the right equipment. MC Sports has access to the equipment and training aids coaches need to prepare for and play the perfect game. Ask your local MC Sports store to see our Team Equipment catalog. It’s packed with the team gear you need for that perfect season.

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