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CF6 Composite Youth Bat-11

by Demarini
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Tri Strut TR3 Composite Barrel – Tri Strut TR3 Composite provides strength, stability and consistent performance through triangular formations at the molecular level.  TR3 creates a very strong and responsive barrel without any unnecessary weight. DoubleWall barrel Construction – Two independent walls create a dynamic springboard hitting surface giving you a sweet spot with ball-popping trampoline effect. Tri Strut TR3 Handle– It’s the tightest/strongest composite DeMarini have developed. Gaining strength through triangular formations at the molecular level it efficiently transitions power from your hands to the barrel giving you balance and consistency. Geo Endcap – The dual density internal cap is full of load balancing triangles.  It’s designed to maintain the stiffness of the barrel while dampening impact vibration to give you amazing feel, shot after shot.

To stay on top in this game you gotta push yourself to the limit. At DeMarini we rack our brains in the lab, we grind for hours in the cage, and we don’t stop until we deliver the best in bat performance. Every piece of leading edge technology in our lineup is designed to put you ahead of the competition. You just have to pick up the stick that is right for you, and go take what's yours.

Available Sizes: 29"-32"

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