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3-Hole Folding Bag Toss

by Triumph
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This sturdy, compact Triumph Sports 3-Hole Folded Bag Toss game can be taken along on any outdoor adventure for hours of fun, from backyard BBQs to camping trips to tailgating at the big game. Teams or individual players take turns tossing the bean bags toward the three target holes on the opposite board in order to score the most points; point totals next to each hole and nets inside them help keep scoring simple.  Great for people of all ages!

3-HOLE BAG TOSS RULES: Set the game platforms 15 feet apart. Each team starts with 4 bean bags and simply alternates throws on each turn. Players must throw from behind the front of their board, which is the foul line - if a player crosses the foul line, the throw does not count and the bag is removed from play. Bags are thrown towards the opposite team's board. On each board, the closest hole is worth 1 point, the middle hole is worth 3 points, and the furthest hole is worth 5 points. Bags must drop completely into a hole to score. Yes, you can knock off your opponent's bags. But be careful - you can also knock them through the hole! After each team or individual has thrown all of their bags, points are added up for all bags that landed in holes and the next round begins. The team or player with the most points scored in the last round goes first in the next. The first team to reach 50 points wins the game.

   Two 23.75" x 18" target boards with colored graphics and points next to each target hole
    Six 4" square bean bags (3 black, 3 orange)
    Nets to catch bags set in target holes
    Boards fold up and fit neatly into carry bag for easy portability

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